Today «ENGITECH» is a professional team of leading specialists developing integrated and single technical and process solutions in the mining and mining and refining industry.

While constantly striving for development of new directions connected with optimization and update of processes at mining enterprises, we remain faithful to efficiency and reliability principles of implemented projects.

An integrated approach to solving the set targets guarantees the most rational usage of existing resources for the customer.

The proposed full line of heavy-duty equipment gives confidence in its reliable operation under the most difficult working conditions.

Customer’s confidence in achievement of equipment reliability figures and opex reduction is ensured trough a flexible structure of service contracts and uninterruptible supply of spare parts.

Our guaranteed high quality level results from a multi-level technical support program, including supervised installation, start-up works, control and adjustment of the main equipment production data, on-site repair and maintenance, technical consultations and on-site personnel training.

Due to this, the developed projects and process solutions fully comply with technical and economic needs of our customers.

«ENGITECH»- your reliable business partner!