Quick facts from «A» to «Z»


on average amounts to 95 items of completed projects following annual results of the previous years.


one of the main requirements to the company's employees regarding non-disclosure of the closed information of our customer who entrusts its projects to us.

Perfection of taken decisions

is achieved through a mandatory approval of all technical issues connected with projects.

Significance of priorities

expansion and strengthening of the company’s positions in the market of automatic management systems and mining equipment supply.

Adherence to principles

allows the company to be proud of its projects and not to be limited to single supplies.

Mutual supportiveness

corporate rule concerning business partners to provide the resources.

Warranty obligations

are confirmed by warranties of manufacturers and suppliers regarding equipment and systems supplied by the company.

Head office of the company

Is located at 143700, Moscow region, Shakhovskoi district, town. Shahovskaya, Volochanovskoe highway, 20

Business approach

consists in up to 5 tests per year at different industry enterprises during a new product launch.


discussion of supply contracts includes equipment supply programs on lease and on condition of deferred payment.

Uniform approach to customers

is expressed in equally increased attention to servicing of large and small customers.

Strict requirements

specialists of the company impose strict requirements to input data collection and analysis for design.


all largest companies represented in the mining industry of Russia and the CIS countries.


are expressed through special attention to professional development of the company’s employees and to implementation of new production and design technologies.

Quality of products

meets the highest industry requirements and it is also confirmed by certificates and acts.

Qualification of personnel

90% of the personnel have higher professional education, measures aimed at personnel advanced training are taken according to schedules.

Company’s logo

symbolizes a strong link in chain, determination, directional action with maximum effect.

Global experience

the company actively uses innovations of global leaders in the sphere of mining equipment and system manufacturing.

Matured industry experience

more than 11 years.

Product range

over 12,000 items from 17 countries.


over 1 billion rub/year.

Core business

supply of systems and equipment for ore miming, servicing.

Opened representative offices

in 10 regions of Russia, in 5 CIS countries.

Partners of the company

more than 15 key companies.

After-sales servicing

as mandatory condition of equipment supply, includes works to trace equipment working efficiency, supervised installation, tuning, training and supervision.

Production base

today it consists, in the Russian territory, of 2 active production sites of the company.

Company growth

on average the company opens 6 new vacancies per year.

Resource-saving technologies

are applied in compliance with the work experience of foreign plants and with usage of design techniques of European companies.


qualifications to perform works are confirmed by respective documents authorizing their execution.

Warehouse base

provides goods storage in 7 Russian regions.

Design facilities

the company’s specialists are equipped with up-to-date hardware and software for modeling of mining processes and plant design.

Creative approach

takes into account individual customer’s requirements during design of production centers.

Firm positions

taken during implementation of the company’s projects are supported by cooperation with the largest world manufacturers and design organizations.

Philosophy of success

expresses the idea of step-by-step approach to business expansion.

Nature of competitive performance

is revealed in preparation of the best technical solutions in compliance with the pricing rules of supplying companies.

Company’s values

specialists working in the company and discipline leaders.

Number of customers

more than 65 companies in Russia and the CIS countries.

Treatment school

combines Russian and American approaches to design of process centers.


amounts to over 150 employees in Russia.

Expert support

is provided by the leading Russian specialists.

Core of the company

consists in partnership relations with the key group of constant customers.