Projects of «ENGITECH» represent integrated solutions to develop design documentation, supply and start up the equipment, and they are implemented together with the specialists working in our business partners.

Our old-established close cooperation and long-held rules of work with leading manufacturers of equipment for the mining industry as well as with design organizations allow, in course of time, maintaining flexibility of conditions and offering profitable and reliable solutions for our Customers.

Status of official cooperation with business partners is confirmed by documents.

CLEAR EDGE -is an international company being the leader in production of filter cloth, screens, nets and conveyor belts for different industry areas.

DANFOSS - is a group of companies manufacturing equipment for energy consumption measurement and control, automatic devices for industrial application and frequency converters.

DVE - is a European company rendering a wide range of services to develop and implement systems for processing, transportation and treatment of industrial materials.

ESCO - Corporation is represented in the world as a leading supplier of attachments – reliable solutions for mine, quarry and construction special-purpose machines.

Austrian holding company Semperit (SIGMA®) - is a leader in development, production and sale of high-quality rubber pipelines.

WEG Company - is one of the largest world manufacturers of electric motors with high degree of energy consumption and efficiency.