Years of stable and successful operation of «ENGITECH» have strengthened company's positions in the mining industry as a reliable partner, which:

  • offers high-quality products and services;
  • uses an integrated approach and resolves tasks of any complexity level;
  • develops efficient and reliable solutions;
  • ensures cost-efficiency of projects while complying with requirements.

Constant level of the high-standard company work has been achieved by maintaining the basis of the corporate culture of the «ENGITECH» team.

Work in a single team – over 50 qualified employees of the company in different regions of Russia and the CIS countries work daily to resolve a set of tasks subject to the customers' requirements and preferences and based on the industry innovations and experience.

We are proud of each of our projects. The goal of each project we implement is to assist in improvement of our customers’ production processes using advanced technologies, real-life experience and professional knowledge of our employees.

Customer’s confidence is critical for development of our business. Each our project ensures that the Customer is confident about the future and performs its work effectively and with pleasure. We jointly set real targets, develop a single approach to problems solving and achieve the best results within relatively short terms of project implementation.

Profit generates resources for our constant development. Process solutions we accept and implement comply with the long-term interests in the sphere of mutually beneficial strategic cooperation with the Customers and our growth. Taking this position, our company uses possibilities to improve delivery and payment terms, assumes measures to develop warehouses in the customers’ territory and arranges activity of service centers.

Expensive solution is a share of ordinariness. Our relations with customers are based on faultless fulfillment of obligations and realization of interest of each party. We are sure that there are no impossible tasks, but there is a misconception of possibilities. Each of our proposals meets customers' possibilities at most, being the best “cost/quality” proposal, which fully complies with the requirements of production processes.

We think about investments and not about dividends. We are sure that expansion of our possibilities ensures growth of our customers’ possibilities. Development is a key to success and prosperity of companies and society. Development of innovations in the industry, expansion of services and supplied products, active participation in testing of new equipment and systems – all these factors constitute our work target for the future.

Overestimation of planning is bureaucratic. Our proven approaches to business process management allow us efficient usage of the company’s resources, and our effective quality management system ISO 9001:2000 guarantees reliability for our customers and high quality of our proposed solutions.

The procedure shall be complied with, but it shall not transform into bonds. Clear work organization is a key to successful project implementation. At the same time we appreciate people’s skills to work towards the result and their readiness to take on responsibility for the decisions made, we encourage a leadership role, innovation and creative search of solutions to complex engineering tasks.

We realize social significance of our business. The main resource of the company is the team working in «ENGITECH». Therefore we take care of the personnel living standards – possibilities of self-fulfillment, sense of team work, decent wage and working conditions, professional satisfaction from the performed work. Our work is an example to follow. Our target is connected with development of Russia and strengthening of its positions on the world stage.